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Oh Rooooo, you are just wonderful and have the best gift, I love your poetry and wordage, tee's so darn cute it...makes me giggle! Thanks for the linky love, so glad that you love your whimsy bird ;-) And so glad she has some of Vanessa's (& other) lovelies for brothers and sisters too, yay.

Okay, off to be drunk off of more birthday sugar and outside play. Planted lots of flowers today and got real dirty...woooo wheee!

Jamie :)

The Seance Room

I love the pictures, the simple message of slowing down and playing with beautiful things already construed in our lives.

I just recently relearned to love the beautiful things like the vegetable garden harvest, taking more time to play with my children, painting and crafting... thank you for the beautiful words. And I love the cupcake earrings!

a fanciful twist

Hey it's your cousin Vani (no, it's not a nickanme I like ;), but it is close to Vinny and works in this phrase.

Anyhow, It is your Cousin Vani (the not so Italian Mobster - although, that could be interesting) in the hooooouse!!!!!!! I LOVE being your cousin. And the fact that cousins can be born at any time in life, after a stubbed toe is like, the bestest in the westest....(insert western theme)

Oh and ---- OH PARCELS!!!! How I Love love love love parcelllllssssssssssss!!!!!

And you do too.

I could go on and on - but I'll save something for e-mailing ;) ;)


shibori girl

Hi Rhonda!

Thanks for stopping by my corner of Blogland and leaving a comment. Glad you got a giggle from my post. :)

Stop by any time...


a fanciful twist

I am here again. Playing with your pooch and riding on your swing, standing up.. oops, wait, maybe that is how I threw out my back!!!



I am just thrilled that you lurrve your earrings... wear them in good health and in good style!


Does your postman wear a bow? :) he,he
Love packages - even those not for me. Vanessa's stuff always makes me smile. Thanks for new sites to poke around.


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