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Christmas in July

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Mad Tea Party 2009

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What Happens Next

Such a wonderful poem!!

xo Debbie


:) too cute. I adore those card tea party elves.

Cori. G

What a darling tale did you weave...I'm sure you have plenty more up your sleeve ;-O!

Mappy Had Dea Tay!!!

xoxo Cori

shibori girl

Whoa! I took a bite of that mushroom too, and I feel all tingly and jiggly-giggly ;)

What a lovely assortment of friends at your party - I especially like the lawn flamingos...



Hi Ronda Roo!
What a tale you wove.
Just grand!
Thank you!!
The card people that magically move teacups are my favorite!



This is absolutely wonderful! I love your poem-story. :)

Have a lovely time at all the other parties, and thank you so much for stopping by my own adventure!


Now THAT was a tea party! You put out some amazing props... what effort! I must get myself some stockings like that. I will say to myself they are for Loopy.

You really did an outstanding job! I have you to thank for "hooking me up" to this fun day ;)

jenn desjardins

Very sweet..and what a beautiful job you did!


How cute! You even have a half tea cup! Lovely mad tea party :)

Lori Anderson

Very cool! And I love the stockings! My son's Kindergarten teacher regularly wore hers all year, and the kids loved them!

I hope you'll stop by my Tea Party and see what I'm decking out all the party-goers in!

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