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Mmmmm Roo, so yummy! I've got such a sweet tooth and LOVE cupcakes too :) Yours look de-lish, I would have had a hard time waiting for bloggy pics too, tee hee. Gotta go check out these cupcake creations that 'Saucy' makes, thanks for sharing you lovely lady you! Happy Father's day to Cowboy!

Jamie :)


You know why cupcakes are the perfect dessert? Individual portions with a perfect cake to frosting ratio! Mmmmm yours look so delish! Thanks for partying with us, cupcake style!

a fanciful twist

I Looooooove your, what would I call it? Spirit? yes that is it. Whatever it is, I love it!! Or maybe it's you, plain and simple ;) CUPCKAE LOVE abound!!! xoxoo

I am a messss! A messssss having a party in 107' I am beside my elf. I mean self. :))))))))

shibori girl

MMmmm! I'll take one of each! :D I just LOVES me a cupcake or two, especially around 3PM. My hubby loves when I make red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Or he did until he saw the recipe called for 1 TABLESPOON of red food coloring! He's convinced I'm trying to "off" him with Southern baked goods, so I had to stop making them.

They sure were good, though...

Off to prepare for Saturday's Big Doin's now.



personally, I think the cupcake should be a required dessert at every meal :-)

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