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a fanciful twist

Oh No! I lost my comment :) I was gushing about the hope that the bears were edible rice krispy thingies :) But maybe they aren't???

And you brought back recesssssssss?????

And you still have your first toy, stitched up and all? (Love the story, well, it's sad but it is a good story about the stitches and the boy)....

A Russian girl through my giant hello kitty doll out her balcony and down a cliff to other houses in California. I was in kinderG.

I made my parents go door to door until we found her.

But now, she is lost again :)))) Only (veering warning) the popular song on the playgound that year was, another one bites the dust.

And a boy I loved, used to stand way on top of the monkey bars and scream, another one bites the dusttttt, then smack his teeth together and jump into the sandbox... I thought that he was the height of romance with that :)))

Okay, here it goes, I think I entered to roovolution!!!

xoxo ;o)


Oh I'm in Brownie! A better believe it. I'm all about playing, recess and pink fuzzy princess notebooks...heeelllllz yeah Roo Roo! I like your way of thinking...can you be my boss ;-) Going to get my crayons & bib (cuz like V said, those look like rice crispy treats...are they, huh, huh?)

Jamie :)


ever~so nice to meet you,
missy roo.

and to
Meet Brownie,


do you think the word ~Play~
came from the word ~Plato~
which sounds nicely
like ~Playdoh?~

{{ isn't life grand? }}

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