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Christmas in July

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Cori. G

This too can be sung to the ever popular Jingle Bells ;-)

Rooty Tooty Roo,
a Christmas song from you
is such a special treat
I'm dancing on my feet.
Enchanted little critters
meet you on your way
to toast you with some holiday brew
then put you on a sleigh...WE WISH!
I'm sorry for the heat
I know it really stinks
so if you'll just move over a few
I'll sit there in the kiddy pool...with you!

xoxo Miss Cori G.


But what if you really, really love fruitcake?

dustjacket attic

Oh I'm in love with rudolph, he is very cute. Thanks for super fun post.


Thank you so much for your totally gorgeous comments at mine, your a total sweetheart.


Merry christmas in July! Wonderful post :-)


Merry Christmas.......just loved reading your blog and the pics are adorable!!!


Oh I love it Roo, you are so creative with your little jingles, tee hee. Now I'm going to be singing Christmas tunes in my head all day! I can't believe I'm actually already getting in the Christmas spirit again after all this Christmas in July stuff, yay.

Jamie :)


rudolph is so very precious! :)


Merry Christmas in July!


OMG how cute!! I have been on vaca and just got back so I am trying to catch up on my favorite Blogs today :)

Hope you are doing well sweet one!



Ohhh, so much fun! Merry Chisummer!!!!

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