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Christmas in July

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Mad Tea Party 2009

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Cori. G

Hey Rooty Roo,

How are you?! Looks like you nabbed some wonderful treats and all in time for the holiday greets.

I hope you're having a lovely Independence Day!

xoxo Cori


Yay Roo, for winning that giveaway, and V too...very cool! Love Fred chillin there with that really cute house too ;-) Gettin some more goodies in the shoppe sooooon...

Jamie :)


What a wonderful after party post, I had a BLAST at all the fabulous tea parties! I'm so glad you're going to celebrate Christmas in July with me! ("gift of the Maggi" classic! lol)

Congrats on winning some goodies, can't wait to see Vanessa's prints all hung and fabulous at your place!


The party was great, now let's get ready for Christmas in July.

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

dustjacket attic

Oh hi there, thank you so much for coming over and saying such nice things, your welcome back anytime!!

I had a look at your Mad Hatter post, really great. I noticed your in the Christmas Party too ~ So am I, my first blog party!

Thank you so much for adding me to your twinklestars list that made me :)


Oh My you are lucky! Enjoy!


I am SO glad you loved your Alice charm and your no-cal cuppie cake :)

The party was a lot of fun and can't wait for next year when I know Miss Vanessa will have another one!

Have a fabulous week my dear!


a fanciful twist

MIss Rooooooooooooo!! OH, look a toast a toast!! This is so much goodness, a girl like me could faint right away! I love LULU and Jamie and Krista and OH everyone! Just everyone!! And you!! I need some oxygen before i go on any further.

Would I have htis much fun if I came to your house??? Oh why do I even have to ask??? I can only imagine! I adore you XiiiViIIIX love, Vee vallllla


that tea party hopping was lots of fun...I'm ready to do it again! have a great week! xo natalea

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