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Christmas in July

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Yeah me, how lucky am I. Can't wait to see what I will get in the mail!!! Woo hooo. Thank you so much!



Happy Birthday Cody!! And Roowina...tubing at 9 months preggers...oh my! Sounds like me, tee hee! Hope you all have a swell night filled with cake & good laughs!

Jamie :)


Christmas in July... I am missing out on the best blog carnivals...

Cori. G

Rooty Toot Rooty Roo,
My little darling friend, how are you?
My internet yesterday ran away
so I was unable to come over and play.
Your Cody sounds like a lot of fun,
but you tell him for me, "Be nice to your MUM!" Hee Hee!!
For she bore you and fed you and clothed you too,
why I'm sure she even took care of you when you had the flu.
Happy Birthday dear Cody I hope you will see that life gets better and better once your past 23.

Oh Roo how fun for you!!!
Did you save me a piece of cake?

I wuv you!
xoxo Cori G.

Linda@Lime in the Coconut

Christmas in July...perfect!


Happy Cake Day to Cody :)

Your posts always make me smile!


Lavender Dreams

Happy Birthday Cody! This was a fun post!

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