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Cori. G

Rooty Toot Rooty Roo!

You are the luckiest girl too!
You see the ducks waddle over the red carpet floor
as they come marching through the door.

I once had a client who stayed at the Peabody and said it was so enchanting!! I had forgotten the name of the hotel, but you have reminded me you darling little Southern Belle.
I would love to see the ducks as they're escorted to the pond, but I would most likely be escorted out for sneaking them treats they shouldn't eat ;-).

WHat is your Cowboy making in his workshop? Anything for you, Rhonda Roo?

Enjoy your rain and think of me,
for in the rain I long to be.
We are ever so humid and hot!!!
No really!! I kid you not!!!!

Oh my sweet little Rhonda Roo,
I am so thankful that I found you!!!

xoxo Cori

P.S. I'm writting in bullet points today...I do that quite often ;-).

Cori. G


I haven't tried The Fanciful Ones tutorial yet, but I think your snowflakes are simple divine!!!!!


The snowflakes are quite lovely Rooski! I actually brought some new Amy Butler paper to my parental units to try some too...when I get a chance, yay for you Ms. Crafty ;-) V always has the best tutorials doesn't she? Hope you aren't getting too wet either...except from that shotglass, yummers!

Jamie :)


We've had a ton of rain this summer, but I'm really enjoying it too! Everyone else seems to mind except me!
Today is sunnt though...time to go to work! Have a good day, xo natalea

Linda@Lime in the Coconut

We haven't had that much...well, yes we have. The weeds are overthrowing the good stuff!

I'm dreaming of cooler fall days, already!


Looks like paradise! ALL that rain and green...looks like acres and acres!!!

THANK YOU for talking up the dia de bloglandia very sweet of you to help!!!

I have the square snowflake syndrome as well


Looks like you are having a great time inside Ronda Roo! Won't be doing my rain dance for you, that's for sure! Your square snowflakes are coolin' me off. Thank you!


dustjacket attic

Loved your photo's, especially your dog, so cute and cuddley. So funny about the cowboy and his shed he he.

Thank you so much for cool comments at mine.

Have a great day,

nora johnson

What’s left to say after those great comments above? Your wonderful post certainly fell on fertile ground - hope the rain's stopped now!

I'm glad you found my blog at the July in Xmas blog party and so glad too I've found yours! I love your pics especially your lovely dog!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday & I’ll be back again soon to check up on further lovely posts!

btw just posted my latest Lola Lifeline Column - hope you’ll have time to pop over & join the fun...! :)


karen cox

You can even make a rainy day look like fun. I was just browsing your blog, and I love everything here...especially your imagination! When you love life, you can create magic on a rainy day just as well as a sunny one. Thank you for creating so much fun and inspiration.


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