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Oh Roo, thanks for checking in on us. We are STILL recovering...I swear, I've never been out of commission for this long, ugh! Love, Love, Love your hat from the Holiday Queen...her lovelies are just marvelous!! And hilarious that the Lost Boys TP'd the pink flamingo's, hahahaha...toally sounds like something mine would do ;-) Love your BooCakes, what a great idea, mmmm....send one my way! And that pup is oh so darling...big smooches.

Jamie :)

Cori. G

Oh spookalpeopledeedoo to you too Rooty toot Rhonda Roo!!!! How I long to frolic with you. Oh that sounds bad, doesn't it ;-O? I saw the forestfrolic above and immediately a rhyme came to mind. Silly me, forget what I said. Could I have one of those cupcakes instead?

I hope you have a lovely spookadelic time with no more tricks then what's been played.

from me to you who I love so true.

Xoxo Cori


rhonda roo, if you forced me to choose between that gorgeous sky and those toilety flamingos, i don't think i could.

i love the flair in your blog, rr!!


TP's flamingos!?!?! OOOOOooooooo how you delight me, Ms. Rooty Tooty Roo. Hedwig looks truly sorry for what ever it that he did...however, I just ate three of your cupcakes for breakfast and not sorry one bit...nope, not one bit! **kisskiss** Deb

Cori G.

Rooty Toot Rhonda Roo! I hope you don't think I've been ignoring you!! It's been one of those crazy weeks where I just haven't had time to do anything bloggy wise. And I still need to read your dia de post, but it must wait till I get home from work.
I just popped over to let you know I have an award for you on my blog...with strings strings I might add ;-).

Mucho Love,
Cori G.

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