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HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAAA! How in the world do you have time to do this with The Fanciful Party coming up?!?!?!? I just spent
For Ever on my photos and not done yet! Did Milo send you gumtree or something from Australia to make you speedy?


Oh no! Bad Horace! hee hee


Horace, must watch him, every minute out of the back of your head!!
Looks like your house is all rarin to go for Halloween R.Roo!



Oh me poor Angel...I hope she is okay ;-) You tell that Horace that I'm not afraid of him & I'll...well, well...hmmm...I'll 'take care of him' if he doesn't behave himself, tee hee. No one is allowed to take over Roo's Treehouse of course, doesn't he know that! YOU, my dear, are the queen of the Treehouse!!

Jamie :)


This is a good lesson indeed!

Linda@Lime in the Coconut

Oh that wicked skull! But he sure can carry off the glitter bling. Yes he can!

karen cox

I can tell by your blog what you favorite holiday is...wonderful creations, and an enchanting story. Will you be at Vanessa's Fanciful Twist party this Saturday?



oh that wicked Horace!!!


It's Bad Alice. Spoooooooky!


Oh my word, your Halloween images are frightfully wonderful! I adore them all (and must say that nut coated caramel apple looks scrumptious!), and am so delighted you visited my blog so that I in turn could come explore the beauty and magic of yours.

Many hugs & a joyful countdown to All Hallows Eve,
♥ Jessica

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