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Once again, Fantastical! Lovely photos. Looks like you had a great time. Love the tub...makes me think of our Magical Ms. V. Oh, Rooooooo, you must go to Marie's and see Milo's final post...SURFING!!!
**blows kisses** Deb


This looks like so much fun! Lucky girl!


Your Halloween town is fabulous! yes, Love the tub and the fountain, that is so very cool!!

It's been fun to celebrate this spooky season all month long!


Wow, that looks like so much fun!!!

Cori. G

Greetings to you Dear Rooty Roo!
It looks like a fa-BOO-lous time was in store for you And of course your Cowboy too!!!
That skeleton dude with the thing in his it a thumb? Was he hitch-hiking South? I dare to think what it could be...maybe someones knee.

Alas for me it is getting late and that Restoration House will be my last date...
for this evenings computer activities that is.

So away I go, but before I do
I just want to tell you...
I love you Roo!!!

From me to you <3


reasons i like you and your blog:

1. milo had a good time
2. a fan of great expectations and ms. h: awesome!
3. you live in an even more rural area than i do



How Hauntingly, Creepily, and Halloween~ily wonderful! Where you live has the right spirit Ronda Roo.
What are you going as? Or are you going?

My mom was Mrs. Havisham for a Literary Ball once, dried flower bouquet and all!! ;-)


What a fun treat Rooski...that orange fountain is oh so lovely!! And yeah Roo, I was wondering what Mr. Skelly was up to waaaay before you asked, tee hee....uuum, let's not go there ;-) Love the spookiness....

Jamie :)


What a delightful thing to do...even if it means meeting up with some rather unsavory skellingtons. Although, at this time of year, I wouldn't expect anything less...

A Fanciful Twist

I LOOOOOOVe it! And I adore that first picture to bitssss!

I never thought Havana would look like the midwest? I don't know what I thought...

Can I come over next time?? xoxoox

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