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aw, rr, i've been waiting for your reappearance. you've captured my interest andl loyalty ever so quickly. :)

one writer to another: you are wise to walk though your interviews with oprah and the pulitzer. keep it up. i'd like to hear about what you're writing, if/when you want to say.

i could go on indefinitely about this post. we are alot alike. alot! but for now i'll just say i don't know who will respond to the honor of listing ten honest things about herself: emily or me. emily is writing her post on the ten commandments today. can you believe it? i am of course nervous she will offend, but rhonda roo, what can i do but hope for the best?

love love


Awwwwww shucks Roo, you are just the bestest ;-) I don't usually do awards, tee hee...but maybe I can e-mail you some dirt on myself, hahahahha...oh no...wait, there is none...because I am an angel ;-) Crayons and Elmers glue is a big start girlfriend and I can't wait to read your books, you are oh so gonna be published one day, I can feel it, yay!!

Big smooches,

Jamie :)


You are too funny and you deserve all those awards! Write that novel ... go for more than one!


Yay! Rhonda Roo made it through the storm!!! I was thinking of you girl and sending very bone dry thoughts your way.

Glad you liked your award and participated. LOVE your honest scrap. And not that I'm rushing you or anything, but I gave you another award recently too. Gosh but I do love my Rhonda Roo.

Can't wait to read your book/s. Want me to be your editor?



HAHAHA! you are TOO MUCH! i can't get up off the floor after reading your abridged version of emily;s longwinded version. so clever i'm thinking you're kind of a genius. :)

rhonda roo, where have you been? you are going to make me laugh until my sides hurt! my blog experience now has an added spice: rhondarooisms.

(p.s. just so you know, i don't expect you to be this riotious all the time. i will like your serious side too. just so you know...)



eekss. Me thinks I have this award to pick up still over at the delightfully lovely Ms. Cori's blog! I am keeping a list and will collect them...but my head just popped off so it might be a little bitty bit...
The Devine Ms. V has new Weelings!?!?!? Oh how I LoVe that word! You are just The Most Cleverest, Rhonda Roo! WEELINGS. **sighs** Just the thought of them makes me all warm and fuzzy. Wait, why am I fuzzy? I must ask dear Rooty Tooty, that you NOT PURCHASE THEM ALL!!!! My little Darling Mildred Mignon and Singer Sweet Potato Celini are ever so longing for a larger family in their wee little theater. How many DO you have? OOoooo, do a post on them, please and thank you. RATZ. It has just been discovered that I am not working! Gotta go!
**blows frantic kisses furiously** Deb

Cori. G

Shuckies!? For one mere moment Miss Roo, I thought there were rude words coming from you. But then I said, "it certainly could not be. My beloved Roo would not say such a thing to me. Further I read and spammed tho I be, I will always love thee and your delightful tree...with the house in it of course.

Ok, on to your are a bonifide germiphobe? So am I. The irony of it all the lots we've been dealt me with my pee cups and you with your department of health. Speaking of germs, I had the most HORRIFYING experience on Halloween that involved a sweet faced boy and a huge green bugger, but we won't go into that here ;-O.

Must run for I have much to do, but I sure enjoyed visiting with you...beloved Roo!!!!

xoxo Cori

PS, yes! Yes! YES! I'm sure there are more then a few books lurking inside of you and what fun they would be to enjoy and read!!!!


ahem, ha, ha, ah, HA HAHA HAHAHA


I find the best thing about Dr. Phil is that you can just turn him off whenever he gets to be too much...and the house? will get cleaner, but only when you have people over (at least that's the way it works over here in Foolsewoode!) And, I'm looking around and thinking it's about time to have a party...things are in a sorry state indeed.

Cori. G

Me tried to leave you a comment that was ever so clever indeed, but when I tried to change one thing it kicked me out of the game. So me comment is lost in the blogishere and it shall drift forever there.
But you Dear Roo I love to see your still sitting up in our tree. I need to stop the rhyming game and just say what I mean.

OK, So! I have been a naughty girl and haven't posted your awards or on me, but I have an award for you and a tag too! It's a simple one I'm sure you'll find and easy to do without a rhyme. :-)...Happy Smiles to you Dear Roo from the girl CG, who always loves you!!!!

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