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well power 2 the people
who wear red power suits.

{{ even santa }}


when i went to DC
i simple wanted to sit in Lincoln's lap
but that is another story...



YIP YIP YIPPEE ROOOOOOO is back!!! We need a band with 101 trombones, pink bunnies, and a unicorn. OOooo and a rainbow. So very happy to see you my dear dearie friend!
**kisskiss** Deb


ROOOOOOOOOOOOO! There you are! YeeeeHaaaaawww!

A Forest Frolic

Hahahaha, I'm sorry Roo...but I'm laughing WITH you, not AT you...tee hee! This totally sounds like something I would do. Aaaand, when I read your title to this post...I was about to jump up and down that you were coming to DC (to see me of course ;) or that you came and FORGOT to come see which case, I would be soooo sad ;) But that story is quite hilarious and you told is so well. So, where is that book you've been writing?

Jamie :)


Red power suits FTW! lol


Stitches! You had me in stitches!!

I really wanna hear about the press conf...c'mon throw a bone!

Ooooh...I have a few doozies myself...I worked as an Aide for a NY Senator. Red power suits were SOOO the uniform!


What a story! I want to hear MORE!! something about those power suits...power to the Roo!



roo, you've taken the dryness of politics and made it sizzle with bellylaughs!

so you are a writer. now i know that for sure.

as far as this essay goes, more more please, even if you write in your bathrobe instead of your red power suit (which i'm guessing you absolutely no longer wear)

roo, thank you for your comment on my blog yesterday. i read it over a few times and i thank you for it. i'm glad something i say and experience finds its way to you too. i'm not surprised: good energy being just that.

if you are back blogging, yay!

if not yet, no problem. it's obvious the wait is well worth it.


Roo...what a silly story and I laughed because it sounds like something I would do! I would stand there and think, "my this person MUST be someone?" and then later...someone else would fess up...

Auntie V


And that is why we loVE YOU!

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