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Happy Birthday, Roo!

A Forest Frolic

Happy Birthday again Roo ;) So glad you are starting to get over the funk...yes, we all have our moments (expanded and not, tee hee ;) I do hope you have had a lovely day and an even more wonderful evening love. Big hugs,

Jamie Woo :)

A Forest Frolic

p.s. anything in my shop you NEEEEED for your very merry real-birthday?!? I know I could be all cool and send you a surprise, tee hee...but pick out something you love if you wish and I will send it on it's merry way for your belated birthday gift ;) Because you are the coolest chica like that!

Jamie :)


Came over from Vanessas to wish you a very HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Late but ... better late than never..



Rooo!!!!! I didn't know, I didn't KNOW!!!!
I'm so sorry I couldn't wish you a Happy Birthday on your Real Birthday. But happy happy late birthday.
I hope it was wonderful!!!!!

Cori G.

Roobie Roobie! I've decided that since I can't spell the word, "rubie" I'm going to spell it differently every time. And since you, my beloved friend Roo are a Ruby of a friend who is unique and funny and ever changing it would only be right to spell your name Roo-bie (as in a gem)differently every time. Happy 1 day late beloved Roo! OH! Can you believe our Fanciful friendling? She has out done herself with her unbirthday. And I only tweeted you and sent you an iheart...HA HA HA!!! I love U ROO!!!


Happiest of birthday wishes.

Take your time
Take it for yourself

Hope you enjoyed your day!


Happy belated birthday to you! I guess since I'm so late, I should say, A Very Merry Unbirthday to you! :D

I hope you find a peaceful breeze with which to sail on!

a fanciful twist

Laura and I are getting on our brooms and going to throw you a proper party, in the woods, in the forest. Step by step to you being full blown queen. I think you just need to have your crown cleaned. That happened to me once.

My crown was tarnished, and I didn't know it. Nothing a little brillo-brilliante crown cleaner can't fix.

I adore you Roo.

I want to lay in an inner tube in the swamp with you (we can have our own inner tubes of course, we don't have to share one), until we hit clear water.

What do you say?

I love your birthday.

And you.

But, you already knew that.



you had a birthday
i was in an
so i
did not
and travel
i the BEST excuse
so i am going
to use that
a lot
this year
even if I am in
my own backyard.


hope you had fun
turning 12!

that was a big year for me, too.

the first few times....


oh happy day!

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