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Christmas in July

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Mad Tea Party 2009

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Hey, girl! You've been missed! Hope all is well in your world.



Will you sit beside me, roo?



Oh Yay and a YIPPEE! Roo roo roo! Vanessa did such a lovely job on your blog. **kisskiss** Deb


with bells on


{{ i have been fretting over you
that Gulf Disaster;
send word }}


What a fun party! I have to admit, I ran and hid from the flying monkeys, but I love King Vincent! LOL! So cute.

Hope you'll drop by for a cup of tea and some treats, but I must warn you, the Queen of Hearts does not like ANYONE touching one of her hearts! But if you do, just be very, very sneaky about it. I won't tell! ;-)


Sheila :-)


Right back at you! You're on my sidebar, too!


Sheila :-)

Teresa in California

I lost my post! So here I am again and will try harder this time.
I know you have been friends with Miss Magical Fanciful Twist for a long time...
I just read your fanciful tale with all the adorable characters...and I laughed so hard at the flying monkeys...that was perfect!
Thank you so much for the delightful and charming Mad Tea Party story!


Love combining fairy tales. Wonderland and Oz - Absolutly fabulous.

Thank you so much for sharing your Muchness.



A great intertwining of stories :-) I am trying to get through the list of Parties but am like the white Rabbit getting behind. You may wonder why then I am so far down the list it is because I started at the bottom :-D I thought I would give those at the bottom a chance to be first. You are of course invited to come to tea and join my giveaway.

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