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WHAT A STORY, ROO!!! i couldn't stop reading for a moment. i'm thinking, IS SHE A POLITICIAN? THE MAYOR OF ASHEVILLE? WHO WHO?

i could say alot more about this, like how much i like how you write, admire your energy, etc, but i have my own agenda:

your comment on my blog. gulp and sniff. thank you, roo. and about this:

"I read this as a triumphant declaration of freedom, more, than sorrow..."

you are totally right. and not just freedom, but finally, time to walk away and let the past be what it really was. a huge relief. thank you for knowing that. i love you too, roo.

and the thanksgiving day story: you HAVE to write it. write it, please! i want to read it. don't make me wait until i need magnifying glasses.

thanks for the love and thanks for the laugh. we're connected and i'm glad.


A Forest Frolic

Roo, you are hilarious...meeting all these people and not knowing who they are (totally sounds like me, girl...totally ;) How funny, that you chatted it up with her, hahah.

Seriously though...when is your book coming out? You do write marvelously if I do say so myself.

Jamie :)


Hey Roo! Thanks for your comment! Yes, I showed Ginger her reflection and she got all wide eyed and smiled. She still wants to be a cat, but for now she's glad she's Ginger! ;)
Teeheee, that is a funny story!


omg! What a great story...I thought she was going to turn out to be not then vice president Biden's wife or something.



HA! OMGosh Roo, only you! If only you had Milo with you. Now that's a story to tell to the grandkids one day. **kisskiss** Deb

shibori girl


You are a sketch, Rhonda-Roonie. I was wondering if we'd ever get to read part deux, and you surely didn't disappoint! Well worth the wait, I'd say.

Thanks for the giggles. :D




...A writer like no other. You have such wit and whimsy and soul. Yep. Thanks for your warm words. They were felt.


Awe, Rooty Tooty, I just read your comment on The Magical One's blog and had to hop over to say HELLOOOOOOOOOOooooo. You are so adorable. And good and kind. And I like you a lot. How old is Cory and why is he the Lost Boy? Sending you hugs and kisses, and a parade with 20 tubas, unicorns marching in unison, baby bunnies bouncing out of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. **kisses** Deb

Mrs. Magpie

LOL! I am absolutely convinced we are twins separated at birth! Ask me about our wedding reception where a friend of mine had a date with Vanna White, and I didn't know who she was. And I, too, have worn my clothes inside out and live in Florida. Do you think there is something in the water???

I don't know where you are, but if we carry through with a blogger tea party, I sure wish you could come! We're looking at the tea room in Plant City (go back two posts of mine). Would love for you to join us. It "might" be in the fall. ;-)


Sheila :-)

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