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A Forest Frolic

I don't hate bugs either...but I don't love most of them, tee hee ;) The bugs that leave their shells behind are called Cicada's...I think they come in full force like once every 7 years, or something like that. I think the butterflies are beautiful...I say go for it Rooski!

Jamie :)


Bugs are fun ... as long as they stay to themselves. Some are even pretty ... as long as they stay to themselves and just fly around ... outside .. looking pretty on flowers and doing their job ...whatever that is. !!!!! Go Bugs!!!

Cori G.

REally Roo!! Yous loves bugs?? Not me, no siree!!! I like little winged flying things like hummers and finches and blue Jays. Of course bees are extra special and who could resist the darling little dragonfly's...ooh ooh ohh!! Dragons fly too!! Oh yes they do Roo and I'm embarrassed to say, but I believe in them too!! You can keep those nasty little slimy creatures that carry their homes on their backs. Why if I had to admit the sight of them makes me feel as if I'll have a heart attack...hee hee!!! But I'm glad you like them all, furry and fuzzy large and small.

I <3 U Roo!!!


What a FUN post!!! I love bees and dragonflies and butterflies, too. In fact, I have a little muse in my studio. I found a perfectly pristine monarch butterfly several years ago. I placed it in a shadowbox, where I can look at it daily. There is nothing wrong with having some for your home - as art. They are magical beings! I also have a little dragonfly wing that I found on a nature walk. I put it into a little bowl along with some small bird feathers. I think the bug you are referring to which molts are cicadas! We've found their shells in the yard. They are SO noisy! Even noisier than crickets! That little snail is adorable. I haven't seen a snail in AGES. The shells are just amazing. Ok - I've gone on long enough! Have a great day! Theresa


Me too, me too Roo!
I heart bee's!! Big time.
We have dragon flies too.
Hasn't been a big snail year. Perhaps it's all the beer we gave them 2 years ago.

Just popping by to see what all the buzz is about.

Have a lovely weekend in your neck of the woods!


shibori girl

I'm a bug lover... AS LONG as they are outside. Inside, and it's the cardboard-and-cup time. Except for the ginormous palmetto bugs. Those I stay away from, maybe throw 'em a chunk of meat once in a while. :)

I enjoyed your beautiful pictures here.



Teresa in California

I love the butterflies...but NO SPIDERS, PLEASE! Creepy! They give me the heebie jeebies! But it is the perfect time of year for creepy crawlies.
Thanks for the 'buggy' post!
I love your are so much fun!


I. heart. snails. :D


wonderful! I am all about cabinets of curiosity and the birds and bugs and bees.


a fanciful twist

I love bugs!!

I used to have aboyfriend that isntead of saying i love you to eachother, we would say... BUG LOOOOOOOOVE, and then be on our way.

So yes, I have loved all sorts of bugs, tee heee ;)

I am in agreement with you.

I also had this other boyfriend, who had a roomate with stinky boas in the living room. They literally stank. Is that normal? The ate beautful guinea pigs. It made me sad. But i guess that is part of the food chain thingamabob.

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