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Lao Tzu sure had it right........


thank you so much, roo. what you have done and shared here is preciously beautiful.

i was there too. 7 of my daughter's colleagues were on one of those planes. it was all so close to home.

what i remember most, and what you have emphasized here, is that peace starts within, then in a family, then in a neighborhood, a community, etc.

awfully glad to know you, ms. rhonda roo. i wish it were easier to make the connections.



Thank you for posting this. The heaviness of that day will remain forever in the hearts of all Americans.


Your post gives me the chills, Rhonda Roo. It is deeply touching. Are you now completely out of government business now? I do not forget that horrifying day, or memory. Never will. I do believe in Peace on earth & believe peace starts with learning to respect oneself.
Thank you for writing this.

A Forest Frolic

Beautiful post Roo. Hugs,

Jamie :)

Wendy @ Living Creatively

Beautiful post.
We will never forget.
I was holding my first son in my arms, only a few weeks old, when my husband called and told me to turn on the news. I sat there and wept for hours.

Love the quotes. Another that I like is: "Be the change you want to see in the world." -Gandhi


What a beautiful, heartfelt post. Sorry I am visiting with you so late. I thank you for sharing your feelings here. None of us will never forget...ever. Theresa


This gave me the chills, I remember too...where I was (sitting in my daughters bedroom as she got ready for school...not wanting to leave her) My husband in the air...somewhere...

we must focus on peace.


a fanciful twist

SO beautiful Roo. Your post really made me remember how we felt... and how easy we forget in the humm of daily life.... we must not forget... and peace must start in everyone of us.... xoxoxxx

Plumrose Lane

Found you through Vanessa's blog and really enjoyed my visit ~ thanks. We used to be able to see the towers from our living room, if only the loss of those structures was the greatest of that day.

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