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a fanciful twist

HEY ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOster, now you are totally a little bit country :))) and a lot a bit rock n roll :)

Okay. Let me preface this by saying. My whole life I have said to people in person, Hi-dee Ho Winslows.

So, when I just saw Heidy Ho Twinklestars, I was like, who is Heidy Ho Twinklestars? SIlly me... that was before I read the sentence... hahahha! That's us!

Yay, we did our summer posts together, as planned. We did plan this, didn't we?

I want your wisteria.

And your Azaleas.

And your cows. That are yours in a round about way. In your memories...

Now, you must talk to Laura to get a sound byte of Miss Onederful saying Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Oh oh, here is a song for you--

"We're going to Meeeee-ami, Bienvenidos a Meeee-ami...."

name that tune!

I love your summer.

And picket fences, and horses and cows.

And FLorida, and bright pink. and Meeee-ami.

And you.



You have adventures/memories like no other ... except perhaps the nutsy/lovely/Vanessa!

Nice to *see* you. I am basking in pre-Fall temps this week ... lows in the 60's (finally) and highs in the 80's. Sure beat the high 90's and lows in the 80's!

Hugs and lots of twinkles......


I would LOVE azalea cows...I just know it.

thank for this most lovely recap of summer, my summer however does NOT include wisteria and azaleas so I drink them up from a far...and thank you so for that.

Our fall is just beginning to shine, one bright red/orange tree across the street is brightening my horizon!



Delightful! Just one question; are azalea cows hot pink? **blows kisses** Deb

Cori G.

Oh Dear! I've had my head in the clouds AGAIN and have missed a post. Me oh my...I believe I may cry ;-O. Anywho, Roo, did those pink azalea's talk to you? Did they open their blooms wide and bid you step aside, or did they woo you as they sweetly mooed...tee hee!!! I believe it must have been the latter ;-). Me for one won't miss the sun...Autumn weather here you come...PPPAAALLLEASE!!!
We have been having the MOST miserable heat and I relish the thought of cooler months. Did I mention that your pictures are LOVELY???
I heart U Ruby Roo

linda@limein the coconut

Azalea cows were ALWAYS my faves...they just don't run with the regular pack...they have a certain verve, no?

You are a delight with a capital Dee. Truly!And your corner of the world is quite spectacular...even though it is close to my corner....we simply do not do wisteria. Well.

Enjoy your fall! Ours is happening saturday...then I hear it is back to summer. joy. {ish}

Mrs. Magpie

Correction: All THIS wet stuff.

My typing skills have gotten a wee bit rusty during my exile. ;-)

Mrs. Magpie

Okay, now I KNOW you're covinced I've gone around the bend. I just wrote you a LONG post, and it disappeared! POOF! GONE!

So pay no attention to the correction I made in my non-existant post. LOL!

I love your story, and I will have to pop over to Ocala and see some of those azalea cows in the flesh! ;-)

But first I wanted to thank you for the well wishes for Mr. Mapgie. He's much, much better, and I no longer am having to do nursing duty 24/7. No, instead I am contending with the mountain of housework that lay dormant during Mr. Magpie's recuperation. Now, it is screaming my name. So as soon as I finish with that, I'm back to the Land of Blog!

Is it raining in Ocala today? It's been pouring here on the First Coast. POURING. We swam to Publix. Almost. I'm not complaining, though, because we needed it so much.

Sending you warm hugs across the miles...


Sheila :-)

shibori girl

Hey Roo,

I loved seeing all your flowers here. In NC, we have TONS of azaleas. My faves are the camelias which bloom in January, when we need a hit of color and life.

Happy Fall!




ahhhhh! well,
i have a herd of azaleas
in my front yard
another herd in my back yard...


PS---sending this link

my watusi

which i had thought was a Dance
but you never know

with cattle...

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