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Hmmmm, yep I'm swooning. I love the beach and anything beachy looking. So many lovely things to see.

Is it any warmer there? I'm so over winter already. Too darn cold in GA for me.


I LOVE this white christmas!!

even though...I am quite ready for some snow 'round here!

The starfish garland..oh swoon indeed, I'll move right in with you!



Wow, Roo ... Weezie's is quite a place! That's a white Christmas everyone can get in to!

(Send me an email and I'll send you a Santa rocking horse ... I have an extra!)


shibori girl

Rhonda Roo!! I am always so pleased and tickled when you come to visit me in my little corner of Blogland.

This post is a good example of how to get your White On when mother nature refuses to cooperate for the holidays.

I'll move in with you, as soon as those traipsing-in-and-out-people get along home. ;)

Merry Christmas, Dear Friend,



oh holy light,

thanks for this Field Trip, missy!


i felt right at home
but how fortuNate
i have Jars of Beachy Goodness

The Luck Of Florida~Living Girls!

FREE treasures on the BEACH
right there for the bending over
and picking UP!!!

thinking of you
hoping your holly*days
are stellar
with star*fish shining...


Wow, what a gorgeous way to decorate for Christmas!!! I hope you're enjoying the season and that you get every little thing your heart desires! :D


Dear Roo,
Now I'm Dreams of a White Sandcastle Christmas in sunny North Florida!
What an incredible shop you share here. I hope you will invite me once you move in!
Well dear one,
Here we are and it's almost here~
May you embrace your holidays with utter joy~
May they be absolutely splendiforous!
Love to you and your family!
Keep the magic coming!


I mean
Now I'm dreaming!!!
Well you understand me right?


Oh me goodness, I am swooning too! Oh Holy Light! Love it! Little Roo is is too too cute!
**kisses** Deb

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