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Christmas in July

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A Forest Frolic

OOooh Aaaahhh, I love it Roo...that beachy Christmas tree is lovely! And the upside down Christmas tree too (my friend used to have one in her basement, tee hee ;) Hugs and Happy early Christmas to you and yours.

Jamie :)

a fanciful twist

I WuV yur tweeeeeeeeee (s)!!

Now Roooooster, I wanna go to Havana someday.

Can I come by boat, in a coat? Do you have a moat?

Can I come by plain, in the rain, with no brain?

Can I ride in a tractor, wearing max factor, like a super-reactor?

(got that from the list of words that end in tor, doesn't work does it? haha)

Can I just dream of it, cause I'm a twit, and hate traveling, so fahgetaboutit?

You tell me ;)


oh i now must rhyme too
ms v makes me coo
but mostly ms roo
i'm here to say i wuv you!

these photos are great
my joy won't abate
it must be just fate
that today i'm not late

coming here is so fun
i hope your shivering is done
i wish you warm sun
you dear son-of-a-gun

oh i could keep rhyming all day
but that long i can't stay
so i'll just have this last say:


Such fabulous Christmas goodness!!!! I'd like it all, please! Thank you for coming over to visit with me and share it my holiday magic. This is such a fabulous time of year!!! Theresa


Beautiful trees.

Hope it warms up soon for you.


It's scary...this climate change WEIRD weather!


I'll just settle into these BEautiful Havana shops and dream of snow



Hey Roo,
It's hotter now, right?
It's really nice to see all of the Florida Christmas Trees!! Especially with shells!
Thanks for sharing Havana!

Hugs from Tejas!

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