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you captured it well!

wishing you a coming year of Peace and LOVE

and joy!!!



Happy New Year!!!!!!

(I sure like being a Twinklestar!)

oh god roo, how did i miss that bunny? are they still there, i have to have one.

VANESSA!!!!!! i need help!!!!

i am glad your enthusiasm is high and healthy. i think it's going to be a good year. one thing i know: i may take my time getting here but i won't knowingly miss a rhonda roo post in 2011.

and...i keep secrets totally. anytime rr, anytime.

with love


Looks like a magical time was had and I lurveeeee the newest Vanessa bunny! I hope you have a fabulous 2011!!!!

A Forest Frolic

Oh those lost boys are so sneaky...but sweet, the bunny is adorable of course ;) Happy new Year Roo! So glad it was a great time with your Mum and family!

Jamie :)

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Happy New Year!!!!Sorry iam not able to wish for christmas...All x-mas Decor are really adorable... I feel great to c all those pictures...

Cori G.

Oh Roo,
silly you!!
Such a clever girl too.
Lighting trees and stomping in puddles
winter seas with bunnies to cuddle.
I hope by the fire you made time to huddle...
with your Cowboy of course ;-).

Mery merry merry NEW YEAR to you,
Beloved witty Roo.

she who hearts U...hee hee


EEKS! I left a comment but neglected to use word verification!!! I was here. Love your Christmas. Love you too! **blows kisses** Deb


Wow Roo,
Santa did you right!
Your gratitude list is beautiful.
Might I ask what you are healing from?????
Love from another Texan,

Engagement Rings Dublin

Wishing you love and peace and to a better 2012.

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