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I love trees too, they always seem so wise. One of my favorite parts of Lord of the Rings are the ENTs. :)


I love trees. I have several who are best friends of mine ... a tangerine and a Japanese Maple. I talk to them all the time. Good to *see* you!!!



Beeeeeeutiful leaves!!! The third shot is stunning. Absolutely stunning. I love trees too. I also talk to trees and anything that will listen. Actually, I talk to anything even if it won't listen. Doesn't bother me one bit. Happy Sunday, my friend! **kisskiss** Deb


All your trees are BEautiful! and yes, I am a tree hugger, we don't do Christmas trees... BUT...what I love are the folks that hang simple ball ornaments from our bare winter tree branches.

so lovely against cold blue winter skies

do you know of this?


Mrs. Magpie

Roo, I know how you feel. After the hurricanes a few years back, I was just sick at the loss of tree cover, and we've had to take down some oaks that weren't going to make it. That was the worst. I am still grieving for them.

I have an artificial tree because I'm actually allergic to live trees. We found that out after I got a sinus infection every Christmas. The lightbulb finally went off. But I do love the looks of a live Christmas tree. My SIL buys ones she can replant. We're all a bit green.

Wishing you all the best of the New Year...


Sheila :-)

A Forest Frolic

Awww, you are a sweetie pie Roo...sad for chopping down trees. I love trees too, you have some beautiful pictures.

Jamie :)


Thanks for coming by my blog you always make me laugh out loud, yes the GA girl got some snow, quite a bit of it and the darn stuff is still out here and ugly now. Ya know snow when it is fresh is pretty but this has to go. I would have gladly shared with you.

I love trees too. I actually love the trees around here when there is wet snow sticking to them. (I'll post some of my snowy tree pics for you)

Fall is beautiful here and so is spring. My fave part of spring is all the bursts of color from the redbuds.

Artifical tree here.

Beautiful pictures you posted.

shibori girl

Hey Rhonda Roo!!! Happy New Year to Yoo!

I share your love of trees. I spent many a solitary childhood day perched up in my favorite maple, reading a book. (That pic of the one with all the yellow leaves - LOVE it!)

When I was young, we used to buy live pine trees as Christmas trees. We'd dig a hole before the big winter freeze, and then plant them after "defrocking" them of all their Christmas finery. Some of them have grown very large...

Happy Day!



Stopped by to find out all's that happening in Roosville and find a post that sings to me! We are all tree lovers in this family and can be brought to tears when one is chopped down.
Because of my fathers love of trees, we planted his ashes with a baby tree. Now the tree is big and we still bring rose petals to honor him.

We have never had a tree that couldn't be replanted or fake.

Your reasoning behind not having fake is good. Thank you for pointing this out!

Your cowboy sounds like a good man!



Came back to sit with you, way up your tree~fort, to gaze out and be hold all the beauty there is!
Have a great time~
Tell the fairies, the trolls and gnomes I send my very best!


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