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Dear Cowboy and Roo,
I'm really sorry.... Yet reading your words makes me realize how truly amazing you both are. Your inner power is strong and in the right place. I like your strengh and
will continue good thoughts and prayers for you both.
Lots of love from one of your bitsy twinkelstars~

Linda Diane

Dear Roo,

I don't know what prompted me to come over today. I was over reading Vanessa's comments (A Fanciful Twist for those who don't know), and I saw your name. I am very familiar with your name from V.'s comment section, so anyway, for some reason I just came on over here to check out your blog, and I was very sad and taken aback to see what you and Cowboy are facing. I just want you to know that I will be praying for you two. I think it is wonderful that you are enjoying life and not taking it for granted--a lesson for us all. Take care, you two, and big hugs. I will be visiting again.

A Forest Frolic

Hey Roo, just thinking of you today and thought I'd check your blog. We're keeping you and Cowboy in our thoughts and prayers still and love that you have such great outlooks on life and the little things. Hugs and smooches,

Jamie :)


well phew...
I applaud you for sharing, because I think...I hope, that you will find strength from those that visit here.

I will think of you and your Cowboy and send you bundles of good wishes, love and prayers.

I applaud too your spirit for life...go out and enjoy, every minute of it.


shibori girl

Dearest Roo,

There really are no words... you've expressed this terrible situation so beautifully. I'm very sorry you and your Darling Cowboy have to go through this, but your attitude is really lovely.

Stay strong, and hang onto your sense of humor.

I'm here for you if you want a shoulder,




you do know it---->
behind the scenes
we have already been sending you both
prayers of strength...

''no, really, i am a huge moon, i swear''

i know
i saw it 2
and when the next one rolls around
you & cowboy
must slow dance again to Dwight Yoakum
my friend
is living...

a fanciful twist


I know I talk to you behind the scenes, but I just want to say here that, I just read your beautiful words. Filled with heartbreak and living, and good and sad, all rolled into a package called, a beautiful life...

You are my sister. You already know that. In so many ways you are a part of my family, a part of the wonderland in our hearts.

I almost fainted when I saw the tree and your post. You are right, spooky cool. We are connected.

I love you and cowboy, and all I can say is that, I will send up huge wishes and prayers that each moment of life is good and beautiful, and full. Magical and dripping with good now, and exquisite memory making.

I am always here, you know that.

All my heart, all my prayers - for you and cowboy. My heart is raw and open and feeling....for both of you.

Love, V

Cori G.

Dearest Beloved Roo,
You and your Cowboy have been in my thoughts and prayers each and every day. I know there are no words to give comfort to such a horrific ordeal, but know that you are loved and cherished as you go from day to day. Your Cowboy must be a truly amazing man to have the attitude that carries him through life. And I know that even when those we love are departed from us they still live in our hearts. Make memories today that will live on into your tomorrows.
I love you Roo


Oh Roo, Oh Roo. Praying, never ceasing, lifting you and your beloved Cowboy up to The One Who knows all needs, golden threads spiraling up to heaven, marking the continuance of life Here to There, proof of life that never ends, a light that cannot be extinguished, life given by The One Who set the universe in motion. The door to Heaven has been opened, the banquet table has been set. Come as you are. May prayers and angels carry you both through this most holy time, as the outside world falls away and only you and Cowboy dance in the moonlight.
Sending you all of my love on the wings of a desert sparrow, Deb ♥♥♥

Anne Lockard

Dear Roo,

Deb sent me your way....I can use words no better than she, but know this; you and yours are cherished in the Eye of God, and are never alone even through the twilight times.
May you both be drawn together....may His love surround you.


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