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i am so glad to meet your Cowboy. he is alive as i read this. no doubt you know this already, roo, the line is paper thin. not to say that there is not a void that will be filled only through love in your heart, but i know you are going to live well, i am so glad.



Hello Mz. Roo!!
YOU are such a Tinkle Star and what a true pleasure it tis to read this post, meet your Cowboy and hear of what your love meant and how it is still and will always be present. Like you, I so much appreciate the sacred celebration of Los dias de los Muertos! It is really important! And you are RIGHT!! Death IS a natural part of life. I think about this often. Also, like you, I realize how fortunate I am to have had my radiant mother in my life for 55 years. Do you know that Somepinkflowers took Lois this year to San Miguel this year and she got to celebrate! It made me sob with happiness!!
I'm thinking of you, you Fall Girl~
Your Autumnal Sister


(((((Roo))))) I missed your post. Loved hearing about your and cowboy.

How are you doing? I know it isn't easy for you.

Glad to see you here again.

Vanessa {a fanciful Twist}

Rooooooooo!! Heloooo, tis I, your friend in the desert.

Merry Christmas my kindred spirit!!!

I know this is a dia post, but I wanted to pop in and let you know you are on my mind.

Love, V

Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

Guess who????

Me, knocking on your treehouse puerta!!!



have been thinking of my old blog friends...i do not get out much these days. Look at the last time you posted...the time of year that is full in my heart right now. Making plans for dia de los muertos installations. Hope you are well.

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