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Oh Roorooroorarooski my loooove! You are just a gem posting about all the lovelies you have so kindly snagged from my shoppe! I think your firework photos are GREAT! I'm still learning my new camera too and had the settings waaay off so got NO GOOD SHOTS of the wonderful year I keep telling myself, tee hee.

You got some of my fav prints from V's shoppe too...I can't believe I FORGOT to take advantage of that wonderful sale that Mr. Lovee made possible. I totally had them all picked out and then ended up partying for 3 days straight, hahha (as you know). I've gotta get that 'Midnight Fairy' one for my oldest for sure.

And love how you'd use some of the embellies, I'm going to have to throw some in the next drive-thru window I visit ;-) Looove how you framed those tags, they look sooo cute! Seee Roo, you are VERY creative and could totally start crafting it up (wish we lived closer ;-)

Jamie :)

p.s. love that your dog sleeps on his back and snores and LOVES FIREWORKS, now that's dogs hide under me, tee hee.

p.s.s. congrats on winning two Pixie dolls, she makes cute stuff!

nighty night Roo

Marie Reed

A dog that like fireworks is AMAZING! Mine Millie doesn't hide like she used too but only because she's an old 19 year old doggie and can't hear anymore!

Cori G.

Hey Miss Rooty Roo!
It seems everyone's come up with a nickname for you ;-)!
It looks like you scored at The Fanciful One's Mad Tea Party and ended up with a bevy of bodacious-ness on your doorstep.

Gotta run, but I hope you have fun!!!

xoxo Cori

Linda@Lime in the Coconut

WhhoooWee! You scored big time...almost better than the fireworks,eh?!

shibori girl

Hey Roo! You are too, too funny girlfriend. That comment you left on my post: poato-sack ball and the perfect shoes. *snork* Thanks for the giggles. :)

I'm so glad you had a good Holiday celebration. Lots of fun was had I see...



Holy hit the mother lode here! No more fun than opening package after package of artmail goodness!

thank you sooooo much for your sweet SWEET!! comment..



Wowowowowowow what a fun party and you racked up with the happy mail!!! Love the prints you picked!

dustjacket attic

Thats so sweet about your dog!

Hey that's great the post helped you go with green..... hope it all works out!xxx

laura dellaporta

Rooohooo!!!! You are a breath of fresh air and very creative so nice to get your comment!!!! Glad we connected I will be stopping by soon... got to run company coming time to straighten up around here. xoxolaura

a fanciful twist

Don't you let your D-O-G call it a D-O-G ;) I think some pets are just reincarnated famous people ;)

Look at you! You live in treasure land!!! I love parcels, I live for parcels. I want to be a parcel. Wait? What?

It's late :)

Roooooooooo! You are some kind of wonderful you lovely! xoxo (What was the blogospehere like without you, is what I want to know??? - it just wasn't complete!)

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