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HAHAHAHHahhahahhaaaaha HA! These are all so cute and clever. I especially love Milo playing XBox! Rhonda Roo, you have really outdone yourself with your poem this time! Sorry Milo made such a mess, but Cori taught him to eat CANDY!!! And SUGAR!!!
**blows Happy Happy kisses** Deb


Oooops, I stole your first photo to link back to you for my post!!! I acknowledged my theft. **kisskiss**


Oh my! Never has there been a lovable bug as Milo. He is so spoiled now. Very clever poem Rhonda Roo. I notice the smile on Milo's face keeps getting bigger everyday! Is he going to be a video game junkie now? Hahahahah!

Excellent hostess, you are. I won't be able to compete with you and Cori.

Cori. G

Rooty toot Rhonda Roo, Hahahahhhaaahaa!!! It looks like Milo's having so much fun playing games with the lost boy things... I mean computers. Poor little guy, when he was here he was busy doing girl things,
but he didn't seem to mind a bit.
He never even threw a fit.
I too am sorry that he made such a mess, but he really is the very best guest.
Did he eat all your taffy in his SMTU?
Did he leave even one piece just for you?
I certainly do hope so!!!

Your poem is absotively the best my friend!!!! I don't know how you do it,
time and again!!!

Yay Rhonda Roo and Milo too!!!!
From me who loves to rhyme with you!!
xoxo Cori


What a story! And Milo plays the Xbox?! A true friend to have around indeed!


Milo seems very busy...however, with all that healthy food at his disposal now...I think he'll be able to handle such a strenuous pace!


you are great! enjoyed this writing and well, i'd love to antiquing with Milo, too.

shibori girl

That Milo... you gotta watch him - he gets into EVERYTHING! :)




too funny, I could only imagine Milo with your boys having a grande old time...I love it..and your poem was wonderful...I dont know if I came rhyme as well as you and Cori...great fun, can't wait to see what's next!

LuLu Kellogg

OMG I love Milo! How cute is he????


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