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I laughed for 27 minutes straight...seriously. This is good stuff! Ces is correct-his smile IS getting bigger. This is just so darn cute and clever. Stealing another pic to send peeps over. This post deserves attention!!! **kisskiss** Deb


Had to come back and look again...STILL as funny!!! Oh how I love you, Rhonda Roo!
**happy smiles** Deb


Great to see Milo made it safely, going to check to see what else he's been up to at Roo's.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I cannot believe the women are taking him out like he is the king! HAHAHAHAHAHA! What a cutre bug. What I want to see is the reaction of the people when you are taking photographs of Milo all over the place! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!. He looks so tiny on that rocking chair. I can't wait to have him and take him wherever I go. HAHAHAHA!


I mean "cute bug"


Oh man, this is exactly like what I am up to at any given moment... exc for work, of course. And even then, I am PLOTTING...
love the Tomato Cafe. Love MILO!

Candace in Athens.

Cori. G

Rooty toot,
I can't believe Milo chose the boa...hahahhaha!!!!! But then he did hang with Mamselle and the White Lady for a week ;-O! Milo! Boy things...remember boy things. This is such a darling post my friend!! Just darling!!!!

xoxo Cori


This little guy is having just the best time!

Godeliva from Ariadone

Oh How lovely to walk about in your town and have tea/lunch...Milo is good compagny.
Have a lovely week.
Godeliva van Ariadone

LuLu Kellogg

OMG, how cute! I am just laughing so much! I love this posting!


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