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Oh that Milo is something else isn't he? And no he didn't ask about the Prince Albert, tee hee ;-) Love the pup shot and the one of him under the flag...gorgeous! Oh Roo, tell Milo too...not to come toilet papering my house on his next adventure (if you happen to talk to him ;-)

Jamie :)


OMGOSH! I am laughing so hard I cannot breathe. This is hysterical. Every shot is just too funny. Oh you are The Clever One Miss Rhonda Rooty Tooty!! Milo has conquered so many fears. Goodness. And he is so handsome in a turtleneck! LoVe under the flag...staring down fear..photocopying his butt!!! Just too cute for words. Thank you so much for this delightful post.
**blows kisses choking on laughter** Deb


you my dear are a natural travel agent, thoughtful companion, and super story teller. it's obvious milo will never be the same.


i ignored deb's instructions and took a swig of coffee. i suffered a mighty price for it.

Cori. G

Oh Rooty toot Rhonda Roo,

At first my heart broke for you, but then I thought I was going to DIE WITH LAUGHTER at all of Milo's antics!!!! You are one lucky girl that your boss didn't see what your guest bug was up to. You could have been in some serious trouble girlfriend!!!!
Ah, but Milo leaves a mark on every one's heart and I'm sure your boss would have forgiven you. I DO hope you remembered to wipe the cheek marks off the copy machine. Everyone will know who's they are...ha ha ha ha!!!

How I love you Rooty Roo!!!!
Miss Cori G.


Damn, you're a hoot! Those Milo photos are priceless.


Oh Milo, you are too funny!


How adorable!


Milo is quite the world traveler and so handsome! Loved it!

Linda@Lime in the Coconut

Milo, Milo, Milo...what a corker! Me thinks you are going to miss the little yellow bug!

What an adventure! Your pics and words were Hee-lari-us!!

paula mandel

How about if you take me along in addition to Milo. I love your energy. Thanks for commenting on my glass scupture on Kate's blog Yes, it really IS fun getting together as a family and indulging in creative time together. I feel SO lucky!

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