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shibori girl

OK, that Milo is a SCAMP! I love the idea of him xeroxing his ass at work - you are too funny dearie. Butt (:D ) just think of all the adventures he's still to have...

Thanks for the fullout belly laughs!



a fanciful twist

I am catching up on your wonderful world, and giggling madly at Milo!! Of I am glad you shared more images that were in your camera!!

It is so weird, your office looks EXACTLY as I pictures it in my mind, isn't that funny????

Oh and Milo got to play with your fanicufl creatures???? SWOOOOON!!!

Rhonda Rooooster, you make the world a whole better place, you know that?? Stick me in a closet anytime, coming out of the closet is the funnest part!!

Tada, here I am!!

Lots and lots of love, I can't wait to play more as soon as I wrap up the office, one more week or so and I will be done, than i can start to think about the Halloween party. Talk about cutting it close!! YIKES!!

Lalalalalaalove, V


Something very special awaits you on my blog....


Awe, you so sweet! "come in she said i'll give ya, shelter from the storm" of my favorite songs, although Bob is not aging that well, have you noticed? Yes, Ces is amazing...Cessalicious! **kisskiss** Deb


i'm back again. and i've spilled my coffee again. hahahahaha! my top favorite is milo staring down fear. i'm going to try it.


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