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hee hee Milo tweeting...I find that so funny for some reason! lol


Oh Milo, you got sucked into Twitter too I see ;-) Roo, oh Roo...stop him while you can...before it's too late, before he gets warped into the social media scene, tee hee. Okay, well maybe it's not THAT bad ;-) Love the history lesson Roo, thanks girly!!!

Jamie :)

Cori. G

See! I knew Milo was into architecture!! I just knew it!!! He's a slippery little bug, isn't he? Always running hither and yon.
Rooty toot Rhonda Roo, what in the world do you do? Politicking all day long,
I'm sure you do it with a song ;-)...he he he!!!
You sure are showing Milo the town, uh, state I mean. No gators though, hopefully.
Hey! Milo's got a blackberry!!??? I don't even have a blackberry...that Milo is turning into a techno-bug.

xoxo, me who loves you Rooty toot!!!


Oh Rhonda, you are just too clever for words! I just asked hubby if he has ever seen the State Capitol of Florida and he said no and I said, well Milo has! It is so beautiful! Very Gone With the Wind! LoVe the striped shades. The vegetation is just my style. I think I'm falling in love with Florida and a little Rooty Tooty Rhonda Roo!
**kisskiss** Deb


Milo is really getting around!!

Where to next I wonder??


Milo Tweets at the State Capitol.
What is he rallying for?
My guess?
World Peace!!!!


Happy Monday Rhonda Roo!


How fun are YOU, Rhonda Roo!

What a great post! I thought I had added you to my blogroll, but when I went searching for my new friend in {again!



How fun are YOU, Rhonda Roo!

What a great post! I thought I had added you to my blogroll, but when I went searching for my new friend in {<------} Tallahassee, she wasn't there1 Had to track her down like a bloodhound. But I found ya!

Now I have to rush back to Casa Hice to add you to my blogroll before this middle-aged-menopausal-pea-brain forgets to do it AGAIN.

PS: Don't know what happened to my first truncated comment. I must have been to anxious to post and half of it got deleted. Operator error as usual!


Is Milo going on vacation or going to Deborah's forever??
Just wondering R.Roo~


Milo will be in my neck of the wodds one of these days- I hope I can show him a good time looks like he got rather spoiled at your place!

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