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Oh Rooski, you know I'm in ;-) What a great party to have!

Jamie :)


ahhh, peace building, peace spreading...wonderful idea. I shall be here with bells on!


Cori. G

Hi Rooty toot Rhonda Roo!!!
I was here earlier, but couldn't stay. We were off to church where we often pray.
Peace is such a wonderful thing and something to strive for every day. Who knows, maybe one day the dream will be reality :-).

Oh, Milo is a very safe driver so I wouldn't worry about putting him on your policy. But I think he's really looking forward to long walks in your woods...something we are not blessed to have.

xoxo I love U Rhonda Roo!!!!


LuLu Kellogg

Oooooooo, I'm there!

I am glad Miss Marie arrived unscathed and that you liked my creative packaging! Gotta do something with those rolls so I make them pretty :)

Thanks for popping by for a visit girlie.

Love to you,


I love your leafy peacey sign! :)


Will be with you Rhonda Roo!
I love peace!

a fanciful twist

OH YES!!!! All we are saying... is give peace a chance..........

Yes yes! xoxox I am in! Love XIVIVIXIXIX


An award awaits you on my blog...Goodness, I really thought that I left a comment on this post. Hmmmm. Anywho, I'm in too...after all, I am an original hippie!!
**kisskiss** Deb



I followed you from Kate's blog.
I want to join as well and will be posting these buttons!

~ Gabriela ~


What a sweetie you are visiting My Royal Cessessness already. Isn't she just amazing?!?!?!

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