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This is just So Darn Cute! Every photo I laughed out loud. Hubby came to check on me...he's feeling a little threatened with my new crush. I am sad to see, though, that Milo has reverted to his old bad habit in photo #2, of picking his nose with his toes...tsk tsk Milo. Of course he was right at home with Ms. Vanessa's little Elfin Creatures...we have a few of those here at home too!

Oh, Rhonda, this is just so adorable! I'll steal a photo and post in the morning to send my peeps over! **happy happy smiles**


too cute..looks like you should have had him use his filing system on the employee fridge, LOL.looks like a day of fun!

Chris Klingler

Hi Rhonda!

Thanks SO much for stopping by and glad you enjoyed my Halloween tree pictures! This is the 4th year running I have done one...and I do a different theme each year.

Have a SpOOky week!

Chris (-:


I love reading about Milo's adventures! He files like I do! lol

Cori. G

Little Miss Rooty toot!!!!! You have out done yourself in creativeville with Milo. I laughed so hard reading your post and seeing the antics he was up to...while the cats away the bug will play!!!! SOOOOO DARRRLLLLINNGGG!!
I didn't know Milo picked his nose, but I see you haven't been able to teach him how to suck through a straw either. EVerything gets snorted through the nose...ha ha ha!!!!!

me who loves you Rooty toot!!!
xoxo Cori
OH PS!!! Don't be surprised if you fall into a blue funk once you put Milo back into his SMTU. I know I did. WHo would think such a little bug could provide so much inspiration ;-).

Bella Sinclair

What? WHAT? Just WHAT is Milo photocopying, hmmmmmm?

Hahaha, what a fun adventure!


Oh Roo, Milo is a gem and he is quite the explorer isn't he! Your office sure is jazzed up, all the 'friends' Milo made, tee hee. Love that Milo recycled ALL of your work for you, tee hee...does that mean you get to go home early, yay!

Jamie :)


Hahahahaha! Your employee refrigerator looks just like ours! What did Milo eat and did he share it with the girls?

LuLu Kellogg

OMG that refrigerator is stuffed! Hope you all are not growing anything in there! *snort*

Milo is just too much....I have laughed myself silly!

Love to you!

p.s. Come visit, I am doing a Giveaway!

Rita Hutton

Wow, looks like Milo has had a good time in Tallahassee. That little guy knows how to get into some trouble doesn't he?? (tweeting the governor for heaven's sake!) But glad he could help you out Rhonda baby girl. (Ok, ok, so I'm her mom. Prejudiced? NOOOOOO she is just a wonderfully , talented, creative, beautiful spiritual being having a human (and bug) experience! =}

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