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Oh Miss Roo,

Thank you SO MUCH for this truly enchanting description of El Dia De Los Muertos and the loving tribute to your dearly departed. The photographs were so visually stunning I couldn't take my eyes off them!

Of course, everyone has heard of the Mexican festival, but I didn't know the details. I think I would like to go to Mexico again and enjoy this festival in an authentic way.... with mucho tequila!

My favorite part of your story was Grandma Imogene and Grandpa Andy. What a sweet romance they shared! And the diamonds! Grandpa Andy was a very wise man and obviously knew how to treat a lady.

You are a treasure Miss Roo. I am so happy our paths have crossed and that I just need to look to the left to catch a glimpse of you. Maybe someday in person even.


rhonda roo, this is so incredibly touching, i'm not sure what to say. it made me almost cry and definitely laugh. what an awesome way to honor, grieve, reconnect with the people we love.

my "favorite is cowboy's dad but i think jimmy is having a good laugh over your tribute to him!!

i'm loving your blog, girl....



Oh Rhonda, this is De-Lovely!!! All of it, simply fantastical! I adore the stories about your family. **swoons** Oh my, Tristan's shrine of Mary...**turns green with envy** Wonderful wonderful!!!!! Yes, FIVE exclamation points! I am Catholic and I am SO participating next year. Beautiful Ms. Rhonda Roo Deb


Rhonda, wonderful wonderful! You speak so beautifully of each your family members, such memories.

and of course! anything goes in dia de blogland!!



do the best memories involve FOOD??


i love that you remembered this--->
"""eating the delicious redfish dip"""

then jewel with this---->
"""She also loved
the home shopping network"""

that just plum
makes me smile
i do wonder
what i will be remembered for...


almost arrested at the Louvre
for taking photographs,
almost arrested for trying
to save the live oak trees,
almost arrested for candle-light marching
on campus without a permit,
almost arrest for...

you get the picture...


enjoy your Day of the Dead..


You really gave each loved one their special tribute, and it all combines to make a beautiful offering. Thank you for sharing.


Love everything! specially reading your personal memories because that's what's all about sharing even if it makes us a little sad sometimes or makes us wonder

Lee Anne "Nikki" Ghilain

Awesome......such a lovely way to remember!


Roo is such a great name! Thank you for your lovely visit and your ofrenda is glorious. Enjoy this day!! xo

Rita Hutton

That was very sweet my dear. There are so many of them, that you could have a blog twice as long couldn't you? Your great-grandmother Lannie.....what a dear soul and great inspiration. Aunt Shirley, a beautiful woman, full of life all her days here on earth...I'm sure all those mentioned appreciate being remembered. And all the rest in our hearts...I love them all and miss them terribly. We honor you our dear spirits.....we appreciate all you taught us in life here on earth. And we appreciate your continued watching over us and extending help from time to time. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox
I also want to say I love you to the living.....especially you my dear Rhonda Roo!
love from your proud mommy g!

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