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Teresa...Blooming on Bainbridge

Happy Happy Birthday to a Magical...Whimsical Beauty!
What a lovely lady you are!
I'm oh so delighted to send magical wishes your way!


I hope your day is filled to overflowing with all that you desire. Happy Birthday!

A Forest Frolic

Oh my goodness Rooooo, you are the best friend eeeever! Ms. Vanessa is going to love the party you have put glad I could be a part of it for such a great gal!

HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY Birthday girl, Vanessa ;-) I hope it's an awesome day with lots of sugar on top!

Here is my 'party'...

Jamie :)

karen cox

Dear Miss Vanessa,

Your Birthday must be celebrated in the most Vanessa way, so if you stop by you will find a serendipitous fanciful twist.

Happy Birthday, I hope you have 34 cupcakes, 34 gifts, 34 kisses from Mr. Lovee and 34 candles to make 34 wishes.

Miss Karen

karen cox

Dear Miss Roo,
Thank you for hosting such a lovely day. I do hope you stop by for a piece of cake.

A Fanciful rotten Girl

OH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY little knickers, of the antique ruffled variety of course ;)!!!!

WHAaaaa? what's goin' on hereeeee?? I am about to faint from loss of too many tears. Is that possible? Can you lose too many tears, like losing too much blood?

Well, I will have to step into 34 with Big huge giant puffy eyes, thanks to all my wonderful super fabulous friends here!

Roo, what ever on earth would I do without you?

The first time I got an e-mail from you, I was like, wait a minute. Did I write that note to myself when I slipped into my other personality??? Or is there some sort of twinster out there, romaing the earth in like, Havana or something?

And then, true as the sky is full of rabbit clouds, there you were, in the flesh, real as the virutal world! A Rooster of the most colorful magical variety, with odes to Klorox wipes and all the words and thoughts only kindred souls could share.

YOU GIRLS!!! A surprise party for the rottenest girl in the world???? Okay, well, you have officially topped me off the rotten scale. I am Veruca Salt today.

I just adore you!

Love xoxixixix, V of the spoiled kingdom of gnomes!!!!

ps: Roo, I can't ever express what I feel right now. I think I am close to heart attack status. You you YOU!! You wonderful creature!

Let's just ride the super spin thingy at the carnival and listen to this, okay?


Happy birthday Miss fanciful Vanessa. I hope your birthday is as beautiful and full of magic as your artwork and blog.


Di Overton

Happy birthday my lovely personal artist. You may have to widen your doors after reading this
to get your head through :)
Have a fabulous day Vanessa
Hugs from the UK


Happy birthday Vanessa! Here's my special birthday surprise for you:


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY My Magical Muse! Party on:
**blows kisses** Deb

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