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a fanciful twist

You know I ADORE YOUR CLOROX wipe poem!! It should be published!!

And you posted, yay for yay'''''s!!! You are the """Rooooooostah"""", and dont ever let anybody tell you any different ;)

LOVEs you = us (2 humans & 2 furries) xoxxx

a fanciful twist

ps: Not that anyone said that you weren't the "ROOSTAH," but that phrase just had a
~Je ne sais quoi~ effect for me on this silly morning. Too much sun, eeeeeeeeeeeee!

pss: I want to see your wisteria in person, blessed crawling delightful magical vine!!


she's back! and all this time she's been banishing germs and embracing clorox wipes. she is squeaky clean plus she can write poems!

count me in for a poem or two. who could resist after reading your poem? it has a rhythm and a swagger to it, rhonda roo.

ps i've been looking for you and i'm glad to hear from you!


i loves you too...

LuLu Kellogg

Eeeeeeeeek! I am SO glad to see a posting here! Weeeeeeee!

LOVE the clorox poem but I love you more!


A Forest Frolic

Oooooooh Roooo, I have missed you so! That poem is just lovely (especially the garden gnome part, tee hee). Big wet and juicy smoooooches to you ;)

Jamie :)


i came back to read your poem again
and found i did not leave a comment last time


maybe it was wiped AWAY by the Clorox Wipe!


i wonder what did happen?


thank goddess i popped in again
or how would you know
how much i loved your waxing poetic


shibori girl

Oh, Roo! I'm so glad to see you're back! You have been seriously missed, Girlfriend. :)

Your Ode to Clorox Wipes was good for a big old belly laugh... thanks for that!




Hello Ms. Roo...I wanted to let you know that you WON my giveaway at Foolsewoode last week...and I tried to contact you via email, but I could have that wrong (oopsie) if you could drop me a line, I can get the calendar sent to your happy home!!

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