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That is a very beautiful and inspiring poem. Thank you for sharing.

Cori. G

Dearest Roo! I came to wish you a Happy Mother's Day and read your poem. I know I haven't been around much, but there too I've had my reasons...nothing to do with you my Dear, but my own inner struggles.

I found your poem to be very sad and have felt those same emotions over the years, but the God who created the heavens and the earth will NEVER NO NOT NEVER let you down. It is man that destroys our faith and image of what a loving Father me...this I know all to well. But might I ad that the Lord is madly in love with you, sweet Roo, and would rather die then spend eternity without you!!! He can mend the most broken of hearts. I know this to be true, for He mended mine and it had been shattered into a million little shards.

Happy Mother's Day, Beloved Rubie Roo
I luV U!


ah, roo, i think i have the reasons you have....

a comforting hug from me to you.

ms. emily rabbit has a surprise for you on her post today. she says to hop on over.

love love


Hello Roo. I took your faith to heart today, and came here to gently remind you that yes, the saving grace is love love love. Please come and read my reply to your comment on my blog. hug hug.

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