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i wish my co-workers were more like you...mine tend toward the fart jokes and risque comments... sigh...



Too funny! If you had been a co-worker of mine, I would have enjoyed my job even more!!!!! (Post-its ... cheaper than a psychiatrist.)


HAHHHAHAHhahahahahahahahhhaaaaaa! HA! May I complete an application to become your co-worker, please and thank you very much. OMGOsh Roo, I laughed for seventeen minutes!!! And snorted a wee bit of six o'clock wine up the nose. So worth it. Are you HOT there? Oh it is sooooooooooo hot here, and my beloved walking partner, the lovely Ms. Dee refuses to walking INSIDE at the INDOOR air conditioned track RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET, so we are still doing our four miles in the HEAT. Think it will melt some cellulite??? You so cute-cute Roo.
Me ♥♥♥ Roo. **blows hot little breathy kisses** Deb


ahahahahahaha! perfect, in these cubicle worlds fun must had!!



BAHahahahahahahah. That sounds like something I would do! Just the other day, I hid cute messages on tiny scraps of paper all in my dear grammas house! Teeeheheee! I don't think she's found them all... ;)

ps-thanks for your sweet comments on rainbow dooky! :)

A Forest Frolic

You are crackin' me up Roo...those post-it's are hilarious! I love pranks like that! My sis-in-law's work friends aluminum foiled her ENTIRE OFFICE...EVERYTHING, the chair, desk, phone, cabinets, pens, paper, floor, ceiling. I don't know how long it too, but when she got back from maternity leave, that's what she walked into...freaking hilarious I tell ya! So, Mr. Post it man was a lucky duck...considering ;) ;) I always knew you were the prankster type. That's why I love ya, tee hee.

Jamie :)

shibori girl

Haha! Good for you for contributing to the Uplift The Office Morale campaign.

Sounds like you've got a prank coming to you now, though. ;)



Mrs. Magpie

What a hoot! That is just the funniest!

We used to do all sorts of crazy things at work to keep each other sane. I worked in private industry, but I think that infusing an office with a good does of high jinx makes working so much better! Love this post!

Checking in from my blog exile... oops, I mean break, and hope that the jealous mistress that is life is going to let me slip out of her clutches to post again regularly in September! ;-)


Sheila :-)


what is WRONG with me? my comments get swallowed up somewhere and i don't even notice it until i come back and i'm no where to be found. and now i can't remember what i said, except i do know the green postit inflitrated nicely.

i worked in corporate settings and even little cubes for alot of my consulting life. once i had a temp job with a mean boss who put me on probation for clucking at work. when i left i put a post it on his wall that said 'cluck you.' :)

how are you, ms. rhonda roo? time for an email? xoxox

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