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linda@limein the coconut

HA! I love this. matter how they celebrate it.

Personally...we love to have a tree adorned with feathers and shells on the table. But, Hey...that's just us. darlin'. Are a National treasure. Truly!

Happy Turkey day to yo....HOWEVER you choose to celebrate it!


those Weelings!
gotta love them!

{{ my wee french piglet
sends them greetings--->
'''cry wee wee wee
all the way home'''
he offers
in times of stress
uncertainly }}


quick as a bunny
i am off to take down
the Tree adorned with feathers and shells...

did you manage
to take
a snap
of my pantry?


how you did manage to miss
the HUGE stash of capers?


just wondering....


A Happy Thanksgiving to You, Yours, the Weelings, too!!!!!!!!

A Forest Frolic

Awwww, sweet Roo! Happy Thanksgiving to you and crew too, tee hee.

Jamie :)


Hello Ronda Roo~
Please pass this along to Vincent H!!
I thought they hung cornucopias for the Great Buffalo to bring jewelry too!! A girl can hop can't she?
Dear Lovely lady,
Have a great Turkey Day with your Wee ones and your Weelings and all the gang of foresty friends~~~


Well even if a girl can "hop", methinks it's more important that she can HOPE!!


I had to follow you "home" after I read your comment at Vanessa's and it made me laugh out loud. (If there were strangers lurking around my house at 6:30am they would be thinking "she's nutty")

Anyway aren't conversations with weelings fun.

I loved your version of the first Thanksgiving. And I will hang my cornucopia on a tree if it will bring me jewelry.

a fanciful twist


Rhonda ROo, this is why I love you.

WHo knew they hated Cape Cod?

You mean Thanksgiving is not about food? tee heeeeeeeeeeee! Lysander! Heloooo!

I personally L O V E your tail, tale, can I have s'more please?

I wish my cabinet looked like that. Now I have to go shopping :)




Where have I been??? How did I miss this??? Adoreeeeeeeble! Your weelings are so darn cute. Wishing you the happiest of Thanksgivings, my beloved friendling. Ever so much to be thankful for. **kisskiss** Deb

Mrs. Magpie


This is absolutely adorable! Loved every word. Thanks for the smiles, my friend. And thanks, too, for the sweet comments on Eddie's blog. They made my day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...


Sheila :-)

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