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i see you have been Drinking
up more Wisdom
from the ever~filling cup!


good for you!


and this is Oh So True-->
''' Here in the South, fall doesn’t really get underway until somewhere near Thanksgiving '''

& today
i felt Fall
over here in Northeast Florida...

did you
did you

tomorrow it may be

but at least i have had a Promise of it...

~~welcome back,miss Roo, welcome back~~


Welcome back, dear one. So very nice to *see* you! I'm learning something everyday ... about me, about life as it is now ... hoping for some rain (!!!!) and not so much heat (!!!!). Much love and many hugs .......

Paul Rygiel

Roo, I love your picture. You don't look a day older than when I knew you in elementary school. Thank you for sharing what is in your heart and on your mind. I would, however, suggest one modification of your dissertation. You said, "I drank Evian trickled from Steven Tyler’s lips (oh, the things I could have caught!) and hobnobbed with DC politicos." I would change that to "I hobnobbed with DC politicos (oh, the things I could have caught!) and drank Evian trickled from Stevem Tyler's lips." Enjoy this beautiful Tallahassee Fall season, the best time of year!

Laura Irrgang

Glad to hear you back in higher spirits, you Rooness.
Do I even want to KNOW the Steven Tyler story? I'm surprised you weren't covered with oozing mouth sores in 5 minutes flat.


Hello Dearest Rhonda Roo,
Every thing you have to offer inspires me and I like very much, so thank you! Why is it a PO lice driving behind undoes me too? Well, about this time of yeaR? I am A FALL GIRL;;;;>
your twin separated at birth. Spring makes me sad, but Autumn.....AUTUMN makes me come alive with J O Y !!!
I've been holding you in my thoughts, you and your Cowboy.
Love to you and all you care about!

Cori G.

Ruby Roo you are a gem it is true.
Something I learned many many moons ago is that I have not one ounce of control in or around my life. Why heck! I can't even keep my kitchen counter cleaned. So, I take it easy and smile at the mess.
Me thinks it's a wonderful thing that you are back.

I heart you Ruby Roo


I am so glad you are back. I dropped by to check on you, and I saw this post.

ALWAYS happy to hear your meanderings because YOU are such a special lady.

I hope it's as pretty there as it has been in St. Augustine today. We've had pretty weather... sunshine, balmy breezes, warm, and the ground covered in yellow rain tree blossoms. It's fall in Florida!

Warm hugs sent your way...



A Forest Frolic

Oh my dear Roo, I am sorry I'm so late to check in (I haven't been around the bloggy world too much lately), but I did want to check in with you...and I'm so happy you are back, I have missed you soooooo...

I love autumn too, and the chilly nights and pumpkin spice latte's :) And oh my goodness, the fun times you have had, tee hee...yo go girl! I like your outlook Ms. Roo, it makes me happy :)

Lots of smooches and hugs to you,

Jamie :)


Welcome back.

I love autumn, fall, Halloween, how could I not-October is my birth month.

Hmmmm, I wanna hear more about Steven Tyler.

A Fanciful Twist

Roo, this was sooo beyond words. I am learning from you. You teach with your gathering of feelings and knowledge. I can't think of the words, to tell you what every thought and word in your post made me feel. But it's deep and magnificent really, and beyond wonderful. You are a star! So brave, so open, so true!

Love love love, V

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