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cackle cackle...loved when he almost feel out of his chair! Come see me, I'm having a giveaway at my party!


What a fun poem, and wonderfully spooky photos! You won't mind if I help myself to one of those cupcakes will you? Thanks so much for having me, and happy halloween!

Please come join me at my 2 different halloween parties:

See you soon :)


Absolutely love the skull king in his woodsy chair, so fun!!!



Hello Lovely Roo! So good to *see* wickedly lovely you! I had a feeling you might come out and play for Vanessa's party. Good for you! Hugs and love and I hope I win the treat! :D :D


Your Mummified flamingos are amazing!

Thanks for sharing about All Hallows Read, I love Neil Gaiman.

Lynn @thevintagenest

You made me smile.....actually a huge grin!!! Fabulous party post and Happy happy Halloween! xoxo


Love it! My daughter came in and said "Are those mummy flamingoes?" ;)


I had a wonderfully magical time. (and I am a Neil fan too)
The skull in the wood chair is wonderful!


Delightful! Yes, it is magical here. Your story does delight.


Neil Gaiman rules! Thank you for sharing your Halloween home with us :)

Please visit my party at:

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