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Roo! Roo! So wonderful to SEE you!!!!! Autumn is my favorite time of year ... it finally *cools* down!!! And, HALLOWEEN!!!! I think about you often and what we, unfortunately, share. Hugs and love to you.....

A Forest Frolic

Oh Roo, I have MISSED YOU SOOOO! I got your e-mail and was jumping with joy this morning to hear from you. I wrote you back but for some reason my phone is blitzing out and won't send it, ugh. It will be on it's way as soon as I figure it out (b/c I'm too lazy to re-type it here on the computer, hahah ;) How have you been?! I'm so looking forward to Vanessa's Halloween party too, I just saw the invite!

Big hugs to glad you are back in action ;)

Jamie :)


Welcome back Roo! I'll be tagging along to Vanessa's party - my first of the Halloween type. So excited!


Hello Lovely Roo!
It is so nice to come back to your neck of the woods here in blogland and envelope myself in all of your wonderful autumnal thoughts for the senses.

Also, I do like the first quote and think it is a very important thing for us to remind ourselves each day. We are all connected and all of our actions do effect others.

Hugs and love to you!


Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Rooooooooooooooo!!! xoxoxoxoxxxx


Great to see your name pop up at Constances! Ms Fanciful's halloween celebration already!

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