Coming to Tea?

Roo's Gonna Boo-R U?

Dia De Bloglandia

Christmas in July

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Mad Tea Party 2009

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What a fun adventure! Thank you so much for taking me along with you! And thank you as well for your lovely comments about my blog post!! I'm so happy you enjoyed it!! It was fun to read that you got a giggle from the instructions and liked Purple Kitty so much! As I read all the comments, I see she was quite popular!

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your Mad Tea Party weekend!



What an absolutely splendid tea party post! Whimsical and wacky and just the way I like things!

The Narrator

A wonderful tea party, complete with pups. Thank you for the invitation it looked like a real party, indeed!


Thank you so much for this magical re-working of 'The Night Before Christmas'! I see you ended like Alice, all on a golden afternoon floating on the river. I'm sure Alice would approve! Thank you for inviting me.


Great rhyme and adventure.
Thanks so much for the delight.
Now off to sip more tea, I do
believe I am getting a bit tea drunk.
Once a year is OK, but soon the party
will be put to bed.

Laura Morrigan

Aw, what cute furbabies! Sounds like a great party!


what a delight! Such fun and your poem is fabulous!
I think your four footed friends enjoyed it too- how cute!

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