Coming to Tea?

Roo's Gonna Boo-R U?

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Christmas in July

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Mad Tea Party 2009

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Let me say I love your opener!!! Next how adorable are your dogs and those cup cakes, a yes PLEASE!!!!!
Yes, we must remember to play! Thank you for for sharing! Cheers! ;)

Miss Linda

I had a great time at your party and met some new friends. Thank you for having me. Please visit me:


Oh, Roo!!!! I can't tell you how nice it is to see you playing!!!!!!!!!!
Have fun!

Joanna DeVoe

Tea & Madness!!! CHEERS to a very merry unbirthday for you & your adorable furbabies... -xo


Thanks for the fun tea party! Your rhymes were so much fun. That green kayak looks pretty inviting, too... Have wonderful weekend and don't drink tooooooo much.

maria medeiros

Happy Mad Tea Party! Lovely! I love your saying of "LOve more, Worry Less!" lovely! Thank you!

Magaly Guerrero

A Mad Tea Party in rhyme? I think you'd make SeƱor Carroll proud! Can I please have 3 cupcakes and some hot tea? What a yummy get together. :D


Roooostah, you are so beyond fabulous!!! I heart youuuu!!! I loooved my adventures with you, you are up to pure goodness, kisses to pups!!

Thank you so much for joining in the mad tea magic!
A very merry unbirthday to you!

<3 Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

Teresa in California

Hello Roo,
Well, I loved your 'mad' tea party! It's all about being 'mad' isn't it? I love your dogs! We used to have to Alaskan Malemutes and they were the best dogs, so loveable! But the fur mess when they shed was could have spun wool from their wool. The photo of you doing a fairy 'mug' is priceless! It reminds me of when Tinker Bell gets miffed and stomps her feet and crosses her arms, and of course the fairy dust flies off her feet adding more magic to the moment. Yup! That's what this party was...very magical indeed. 'Love more, worry less' totally true. 'All you need is love' for sure.

Ta! Ta!
I had the loveliest of times!
Miss Teresa in California


Oooo I really thought that your party was going to end in techincal disaster, thank goodness it didn't. :-)

Loved your rhyming, made me giggle.

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